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The author is a 60 Y.O. traditional B&W photo guy, former advertising art director, architectural photographer, photo-illustrator& darkroom montage wizard… and now a ‘digital imaging’ guy in San Rafael, CA.

Before i started this blog, i did some research – are there similar blogs out there? There sure are, but why not do another, WT Hell….!!
I can’t hope to eclipse any of the other sites out there, just hope to add a few new things to the discussion.
To get things started, here’s some of my best links:

Great road trip site:
This is one of the best:
188 road trips in the West
Whether you’re just daydreaming or you already have the car gassed up and the maps in the back seat, take a look at these blogs for inspiration and practical advice on getting the most from your time on the road.



When I saw this image, I knew I had to take a throw at this blog – I have much better images of this place:


About SRT: I’m a traveler, writer and photographer for whom the open road frequently summons. Adventurous solo road trips are a staple for me, and a curiosity. So I created this website to share them and inspire you to step out and give them a try.

Here’s my website for west coast landscapes, a preview of sorts for the trips I’ve done, to be discussed as time goes on:
Stay tuned… as the ‘terminator’ said “I’ll be back”…and how!…and so will I!