Nevada, Pt 2 – Valley of fire, petroglyphs.

Petroglyphs were what i came to Nevada to see, and i wasn’t disappointed.
We are definitely going to spend some ‘blog time’ here, i shot almost 2 GB’s of images on this trip, almost 1,000 frames. One of the things i love about digital photography is that once you’ve the basic equipment, another 100 frames doesn’t cost a penny more, so i shoot anything and everything i feel like – there’s no film/developing costs – “whoop-dee-doo”!
Here’s some at ‘Valley of Fire’.
The spot tourists are immediately directed to is called ‘Atlatl rock’. The glyphs are high up on the rock, not immediately visible from below.
1073_AtlatlI have a severe fear of heights, and gave up on the creaking sound the stairs made in no time flat. Better pix to be had elsewhere.
The metal stairs will get you to a view, but the glyphs are protected by plexi-glass because there are too many idiot vandals out there, even if i could deal with the stairs, no good photos to be had.
(Here’s some vandalism i saw elsewhere…
1125_VandalizedIf you see anyone doing this? Without getting into a fight, you should discourage them, and report the event to a park ranger, maybe even get a license plate # or description)

So the questions i have are…. how did they get there, way up on this rock?… and who were they ‘talking to’?
To me, it’s amazing that they took this time and effort to ‘speak’ to someone, anyone.
We seem to operate and expect to a response in ‘internet time’.
That’s obviously not the time frame they dealt with, or were interested in.
So here’s what i took in. I’m not gonna totally lead you by the hand – make your own trip, and discover what you will.
(As Hunter Thompson said best: ‘buy the thicket, take the ride’.
Do that.)
‘Mouse’s tanks’ is a good trail suggestion – I think that’s where i found many of the glyphs included here. Definitely get the brochure they give you when you enter/ pay your entrance fee.
(Lots of good info here, many pix:

981_glyphs 989_Glyph_antelope 994_FourDancers 1129Glyph 1130 1132_DancingMan12_27_1154_Directions

1124_Glyph_dancersAs long as we’re talkin’ ‘Valley of Fire’ here’s another couple of landscapes…
or should i say ‘rock-scapes’?

786BeehivesThis one (above) is at the ‘Beehives’

1089LscapeThruRocksNot sure where this one was…

Hope you enjoy these/above… here’s a few good links/thoughts for any west coast itinerary:

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Stop back again soon – i hope to remain ‘interesting’… next time round?… many more VOF petroglyphs.

Like the ‘Terminator’ said… “I’ll be back”