End of the Nevada trip

Everything’s gotta end, and as this trip came to a conclusion, I was left with many great memories. The landscape was as always, awesome. Many think the desert is boring, they can’t wait to move on. They think ‘there is nothing here’. And they are right, in a literal way… and wrong in a philosophical/ spiritual way.
I love being able to wander out into the open space, and just feel overwhelmed by it, which is a feeling i like. The trials and tribulations of life fade away, it’s just me, a camera bag, some water, maybe a sandwich.
Here’s a few last landscapes:

Clouds forming over mountains…
0778RedRocksSkyA storm so brutal, the battery in my Pentax 6×7 ‘gave it up’, the thing ‘froze’…

846SnowyMtnsThe deep canyons, and huge rock formations, and deep shadows…

N9.lookingUp…and of course just the road, and the distant view.


My last few frames were of Red Rock Canyon, from a distance, as the sun set.



I used one of them for a digital montage which previews the last stop, on the way home, at the ‘Casa de Fruitas’ which has this marvelous carousel. The Casa will be the next post, a lesson in pulling off the freeway, slamming on the brakes when a detour is just what the doctor ordered.


A few links for the armchair traveler, thanks to the New York Times.

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Weekend Escape: On the watery trail in Mojave, Calif.
The Mojave has refreshing bubbling springs and the Amargosa River. It also has modest but functional hotels and hearty meals.

As always, hope you enjoy the read, and the road.