On the way home from NV -The Casa de Frutas.

One of the things road trips are about?… pulling off the main road to investigate..something.
Something that tickles your interest in some way. I had passed by the ‘Casa de Frutas’ many times on my way to and from the Central Valley/ the desert – this time i took the exit (yes, the place has it’s own exit!) to check it out.
It’s along Rte 152, which goes from Gilroy, past the San Luis Reservoir, to Rte 5 in the central valley.
(This was absolutely the last stop on the Nevada trip.)
Soooo glad i did.
For one thing there’s a great market:

CasaDeF_Blog.TNAnd many remnants of previous times – tools and packaging:
ToolsTNCF_BlogTNsLast but not least, this marvelous carousel:

CarouselCLR_TNI also shot the carousel w/ my Pentax 6×7 – Both digital & B&W made for some really nice montage images.





Here’s the website:

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Hope you enjoyed the read, and enjoy the road, wherever it may take you!