Monument Valley, Canyon De Chelly

Part 3
27th – Monday– On to Monument Valley – dull overcast winter skies. 
Not very photographically interesting… (at least to me) in this light/weather…but I am left with no doubt about how stunning & unique this land is.


Fortunately, the LA Times has come to my rescue with a great article about Monument Valley, & the whole area I visited:,0,2135270.htmlstory

28th – Tuesday – 
On to Canyon De Chelly. Sunny, but turns out to be just for the day – Walk down to White House ruins. Find out just how wide pentax 55mm lense is – take in the entire cliff (ruins to sky) in one vertical (B&W) frame. The next day, kinda cloudy, but the place is so interesting, cloudy is OK.

140CynDeC 226_WhiteHse.Faraway 242_WhiteHouseRuinsTALL 243_WhiteHseRuinsCUSee the small figure carved in the rock, below the ruins?
Close up below:243_WhiteHseRuinsFigureI think this means: ‘The people are here’, i have seen similar in other places.

277_CynC CanyonDeChellyBWAnsel A. made a shot from pretty close to where I was when I tripped the shutter, above.
It’s on the only trail along the perimeter road that leads down to the WH ruins.
A word of warning on this trail: It is easily negotiable… except for 40 or so feet that are
death-defying. Less than 2 feet wide, a notch cut in the canyon wall, one false step?
and yer ass is history. Be forewarned, and don’t take your kids or dog.CynChelly197pano
WhiteHouseBWAs usual, a few interesting links to suggest:
(you might want to slam ‘’ into your browser, and check it out)
(this one crashed my Safari – hope you have better luck!)

Last but not least, a bit of philosophy, put this in your pipe and smoke it:
Looking For Detachment
“reality can be attained only by someone who is detached.” – Simone Weil