AZ – Pt 4 – Time to head home

29th – Wednesday
More bad weather coming – locals said it would be around for a few days – against my fondest wishes, I decided to head back to CA. 
Hit the road west – thru worst driving imaginable… Flagstaff, AZ is at 8,000 ft. – ANY precipitation at this time of year is most probably snow – (Yech! – I grew up in Maine and New Hampshire, so I know snow, for sure, i’ve had quite enough of the white stuff.)
 Make it to Four Corners, CA. (When I look at the map now, i can’t find it, but i could swear that’s what it is called) – stay at a ‘Relax Inn’ – this time, w/ no competition, the tab is 40$. But the aroma of good east Indian cooking, that wafts out to the front desk, is worth….ooh.. at least 10$…..!
This place is really just ‘four corners’, that’s it, and you can’t expect much ambiance – any port in a storm, ya know?

RelaxInn30th – Thursday
 – When I get to Mojave CA on the way home, I always hang a right & take a drive up Rte 14 North, I pass the entrance to Red Rock Canyon, it has been dug out of mud, but not completely – not wanting to do anything crazy or stupid, I continue on much as i would like to visit the place again. I have been there a number of times, it’s a place well worth taking in:

RedRckCyn2Why do I shoot pictures of all these sorts of rock formations?
Well, here’s why:
HandleThere’s just something about their forms that ‘lights my fire’. Call me crazy? …you just might be right.

I drive further north, take a left on to Rte 178, pass thru high desert…….

059_HiDesertSnow….past Lake Isabella and then down to Bakersfield. This part of the drive is awesome, always loved it, always got some good frames.

066_KR_gorgei drive and shoot, and shoot and drive…arrive back home in San Rafael at 6:30PM. “End of trip”… but! – the beginning of… wanting to go back, again…Just to see few more places like this:

RdRunnerMotelThe Road Runner Motel! (‘meep-meep!’)
© Martin Parr / Magnum Photos
A few more views taken somewhere along the way, not sure where.
Many times the ‘road’ images ask existential questions, like these, below:
(If you’ve gotten this far, you know that there are far more questions than there will ever be answers.)