Joshua Tree Pt 2 – Barker Dam Lake, & petroglyphs found on the way

Barker Dam Lake is ridiculously surreal, a lake in the middle of this desert. Don’t ask me where it comes from. And I can’t find anything on the NPS site, or wikipedia to explain this. Let’s enjoy it, without an explanation… we do that (‘enjoy’ without an explanation) all the time, don’t we?
(It’s ‘worth the *schlep*’ as a copy writer i worked w/ back east said about his parties thrown in Baltimore, and the invitees all lived around Wash DC.)




On the way, i found these petroglyphs:

 P_GlyphsJT2  JT_Pglyph JT_Glyphs3  
They were to be found in a hollowed out section of this rock:


Whoever did these probably saw some mystical significance to the ‘window’ in the hollowed out area… a window to…spirits of some kind, perhaps.

They appear to be quite different from those i have seen in Nevada:



A different language, perhaps. A different culture, also? There were a number of Native American cultures that grew here, and then disappeared. Clovis, Anazasi, Pueblo.

This is a good link, too:

This one’s ‘off topic’ ( it’s *south* america) but too good to ignore:

If this link fails, back up to the source:

Last but not least, if you plan on venturing anywhere in the Mojave, read David Darlington’s book ‘The Mojave – A portrait of the definitive American desert’.
This is great book about the entire region, You can probably find it in your library, or on Amazon.

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