Last of J.T., some landscapes, and some clouds.

Last of Joshua Tree, until i go again.

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I love these shadows of clouds on the land –
the cloud is way overhead, out of the frame, totally separated from the shadow,
but intimately related, a direct result of it.


Sunset0006When you visit, remember all the rules of safe exploring:
Bring plenty of water, wear suitable clothes and shoes (light color clothes, to reflect light(heat), and tough shoes, to stand up to the land you will be walking on.
Bring food, pay attention to the landmarks you pass, to recognize on your way back.
Always remember –  this land has claimed many lives, don’t add to the list.

Never let your gas tank go below halfway empty, refill often, you’ll be glad you did.

I have one cardinal rule when wandering in wild places, when I think about wandering further: If the worst that can happen, happens – is this survivable/ can you deal with the results?

The answer to this is also the answer to ‘should i do it?’

And if you come across a unique opportunity to express yourself (nicely), do it.
This signpost probably has room for one more destination, if you’ve got an old sign, a nail and a hammer (hammer? if you don’t have one, there’s plenty of rocks around…).


Or if you pass a sneaker tree….. and you have old shoes/sneakers that have been smelling up your trunk for a while?……. this is an excellent way to ‘recycle’ artistically.


The above from a flickr page:

“Highway 50 across Nevada is called “The Loneliest Road in America”, but that is only true if you miss crowds. If you love big open spaces, friendly small towns spaced far apart, then you will get along just fine on highway 50.

Miles from absolutely nowhere there is a lone cottonwood tree that offers people passing through in cars the opportunity to avail themselves of some shade.

Somebody (obviously bored) decided to leave a pair of sneakers, high up in the old cottonwood tree. Others, as humans are proned to do, followed the example. You can tell from the shoe distribution that most who leave a souvenir, have weak arms. Other contributors (see sneakers near top of tree), might currently be playing AAA baseball somewhere (in a small town)”

This one has some good laughs:
The weirdest travel stories of 2013 – John Flinn

Not sure where the next stop in this blog will be… but do stop in again in a month or so, I’ve been plenty of places I have yet to show you/talk about.