A different kind of trip

It’s only in the last few hundred years that travel has become vehicular, in some way. Before that?…you rode a horse (or maybe a horse drawn carriage), or a donkey or mule.. or you walked. And didn’t need a road, just a path, if there was one.
Walking can be a road trip, it’s just a different kind of ‘road’.
I’ve done a lot of walking on California beaches, it’s always been a trip (pun intended).


And all that I’d seen in just my few first years out west came together over 15 years ago into this photo project called “Beach Trip”, black and white montage prints, done in a good old fashioned chemical darkroom.


It was produced for a company that melted down before the work was published in any way.
Now thanks to this crazy digital world, I can publish it myself.
And I can expand it in ways that were photographically impossible 16+ years ago.
I invite you to check it out:



This is the first version of this book, I am revising it – a much shorter, leaner book is coming soon, much more affordable, and better as an eBook.

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