Pt 2 – Pt Reyes – Drakes beach

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Pt. 2 of ”this is a great destination to put on your list’ – Pt. Reyes, Drakes beach.

Pt. Reyes is on the Pacific Plate, everything to the east is on another tectonic plate (North American) altogether.

Here it the fault zone that separates everything east to everything west:


When you arrive, there is a visitor center, better than Limantour that only has a crude bathroom. There’s a very nice NPS ‘souvenir’ store, very tasteful, no SF tourist crapola.

Bathtrooms? of course. And tide charts/times – definitely read those, don’t get caught anywhere, especially the south end of the beach.

There was for many years a small cafe, that now seems to be closed. Check the website to be sure… but even better than that:

Stop at Perry’s Deli, you will see it along the way, you can’t miss it if you are coming in from the south along Sir Francis Drake Blvd. They make better sandwiches than the small cafe anyway.


The beach is two kinds – to the north, a smooth sandy ‘family’ beach,


DrakesBirdsSunset236 the south, a beach that changes radically w/ the weather and tides. Both have bluffs that are clipped, sandy cliffs that drop precipitously to the beach.

Read the tide charts at the visitor center, they will tell you how far south you can safely go – it is easy to get cut off, & stranded, especially if you walk south of this rock formation:


If you make it beyond that point (and can safely return), there is sand and surf you will love, and remember.


(This piece of driftwood looks like some kind of weird crippled creature from a sci-fi film, doesn’t it?)29DrakesVRTCL














Above, what Drakes looks like from the end of Limantour spit


Sand. There’s always sand, and it’s infinitely maleable.

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(A place I have been recommending many times, Marin Headlands)

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