The holidaze are here again.

I’m going to make this post shorter than usual, and just post a few Xmas type pix I’ve taken over the years while traveling. And some mention of the town where I took some of the most amusing shots, Baker CA.

ChiliCardThe above, shot pretty close to home, on the coast 20 or so miles south of SF. Someone had built a makeshift shack out of driftwood, a roof of palm branches decorated with Xmas lights, the view looking out over the harbor towards a pier in the distance. It’s a B&W montage print that was hand colored.

Tree_Tinsel_600A rather untraditional Xmas tree, wouldn’t you say?

Below, some wacky decorations at a motel in Baker CA, where i stayed for a few days while visiting Death Valley years ago.

I don’t remember what went into these images, it’s been too many years – they are all shot on film, printed in the darkroom, scanned and then manipulated some more.




A few words about Baker CA.

There is a great Greek Deli in Baker, go there first, skip the rest.

Here’s what the place looks like – you can see the classic desert ‘straight shot road thru the center of town’. Also to the the right of center, the towns most notable landmark – a very tall thermometer.


Last but not least, my favorite single Xmas road trip shot:


This poor lonely moose was found in So. California. I grew up in Maine where the moose is an indigenous inhabitant, so to see one here definitely makes me laugh.

“This poor animal is sooooo lost!!” (But it’s dressed to the max!)

It was in a cage, but has escaped, probably to go back to Maine, or Canada.

When I come back, next year, I’ll get back to the ‘abandoned’ theme, for at least one if not two posts. Here’s an interesting link to enjoy as a preface:

“Take a spin around the globe and check out some of the world’s most amazing abandoned buildings and places.”