Abandonded – Pt 2

(This is a fat page – if you are on a slow connection, my sympathies, and give it a minute to load.)

I did a post a few months ago titled ‘Abandonded’.

I got a reader’s positive response, i like those, i like to feel i am not screaming into the void, pissing into the wind.

It struck a chord in me, i went back and looked at many of my images ( ‘straight’ shots and montage images) and realized(duh!) how important this theme was to me.

So… thanks to a certain ‘Denise’, here’s part two.

I guess it is rather antithetical to talk about ‘abandoned’ at this time of year. It’s a time of family friends frivolity and eating and drinking too much.

Me? I don’t have any of that family stuff. Well, maybe the drinking a bit too much part though.

I have changed my mind about the color images that i bypassed before to go all “B&W”.

Something in my head said ‘lighten up dude, the color ain’t so bad, go with it’.

So without further ado, here we go.

WagonArizona somewhere UtahRuins36Utah, somewhere, above… and below Joshua Tree, Wall St mill.

JTAbandonedCar EndOfTheGrid30I’ve got to call this one ‘end of the grid’. It is, isn’t it?

CafeSign071 AbandonedMotel


Above, perhaps the most enduring mystery in the american southwest – what happened to the anasazai?? This is white house ruins, AZ. Awesome work, wouldn’t you say?


SaltonSeaThe Salton Sea (above) definitely has a lot of ‘abandoned’ around it. I’ve been there a few times, definitely got a post or two coming. It’s one uniquely spooky place.



I didn’t know the purpose for these windmill/weathervane kinda things, wikipedia to the rescue:




“In early California and some other states, the windmill was part of a self-contained domestic water system including a hand-dug well and a redwood water tower supporting a redwood tank and enclosed by redwood siding (tankhouse)….”

BTW you can still buy them today, if you wanna live off the grid.


But it does occur to me just how much technology has changed in just a a century or so. And how much military technology has changed – this is what soldiers headed off to war with in WW2:


Now there are drones, and who knows how much techno gear a soldier carries.

A guy in Nevada can fire a missle at someone in Waziristan, and stop by Burger King for dinner.

Happy New Year to ya, i wasn’t able to take a road trip this Xmas, but i still have a lot of past ventures to show you, stop in once a month, i’ll try and make it worth your while.


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