A diversion from the usual routine – A day trip 1/25/15 to Marin Headlands

Sometimes it doesn’t take a week long road trip to loosen all those clogged circuits in yer brain, just one day off, and a bus ride or two (or a short drive, if you have wheels) is all it takes.

From my place in San Rafael to Marin Headlands is a couple of bus rides… but aaah! what a difference this is!

Just the sea and the sand.. and me… (and a hundred other people in the somewhat the same groove? I ignore all of them. Except when their dogs come up to my bag, lookin’ for food.)

So i bought the tickets, took the ride.

Two things I was reminded of:

1 – Mother nature!… is just fucking fabulous, i sat for more than 2 hours, shooting pix of waves, and no two are the same. Never. Ever. The same.

2 – How age creeps up on ya! – 20+ years ago, i used to go to the beach, any beach, on the weekend, and walk, endlessly. Now? …walking on sand is a little difficult to put it mildly. When i got home i was totally pooped out, wasted, tired & aching from the waist down. It was worth it.

I shot 60 frames, and i got 10 ‘keepers’, that’s a pretty good average. Here’s a few:

5847 5854 5860 5866 5871 5872 5876 5881

(The thing i like best? when the wind catches the curling/breaking top of the wave, it creates a ‘misty i-don’t know-what-to-call-it’ thing that ascends above the wave.)

To quote the inimitable, irreplaceable, irrascible (sic?) Hunter S. Thompson?

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

Up next? For most people the drive from Mojave CA to Bakersfield is a straight shot pedal to the metal drive on Rt 58. Not for me – i got an alternate route you might enjoy much more.

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