Taking the long way home to SF – Mojave Ca, to Red Rock Canyon, and then down to the central valley – Pt 1

 Whenever I’m coming back to the Bay area from the So. Cal. deserts, i take a side trip. I am always coming from points east on either Rt 40, Rt 15 or Rt 247, which all intersect at Barstow, and you get on Rt 58 to continue west to Bakersfield.

I always plan the timing so that i can end the day in the town of Mojave Ca.. So that the next morning, instead of continuing on 58, i can take a right on Rt 14, and take in Red Rock Canyon SP, which is a photographers orgasm, and it’s a morning shoot, at least the parts that are easily accessible for a guy like me who doesn’t do wilderness/backpacking type adventures.
Most of the time, it’s been easy, but winter storms can wreak havoc, and make just the entrance impassable for anyone in a regular rental car. The last time i was there, that was the case.
The pictures below say it all.





Next month Part 2:
…….continue north on 14 til ya get to Rt 178, and hang a left.

We’ll go there next month, for sure. 🙂

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