Something a bit off-beat in SF…

San Francisco would definitely be on your list of places to spend some time if you are traveling the west coast, northern California, no two ways about it.

There is so much to do and see here, any list would blow your mind. So much so that many people have come to visit, cashed in their return ticket, never gone home, wherever it was, the east coast, the midwest.

Many lists would include Fisherman’s Wharf – in the north east corner of the city. It’s kind of a tourist trap, too many tacky T-shirts for sale, but some good SF style eating, even if it is overpriced. Crabs, sourdough bread.

There are two spots just a stones throw away that are way more interesting, they deserve your attention.

First, in this post, the Marine Maritime Museum – a marvelous collection of old ships, and other related stuff.




The captains study room:1906

The kitchen:1917Kitchen

The captains dining room:1929CaptainsDiningRm





I also use my various excursions to shoot B&W film for montage images.

What I got from the ships was one marvelous swirl of rope on a deck, rope that’s as thick as your wrist.


Rope binds things, connects them, restrains them. I also had a neg of a curious hole the sky, a space between clouds – when i combined the two, it created a mystery, a balance and juxtaposition. And asks a question – where does restraint end and blue sky begin?


American Futures: The Pacific Northwest Edition

It’s still a bigger, more varied, and more vigorous country than most people would guess.