Day trip – Marin Headlands, Oct 18 sunday

It doesn’t take a long road trip to clear out your head, sometimes just a day trip can do the trick.

Have i done this topic before? Most likely i have, ’cause it’s a good one, and a true one.

Mine is a few bus rides to Marin Headlands, over the Golden Gate bridge twice to get there.

And twice to get back. Always a good ride, a great view. An architectural marvel. I always love seeing the city skyline – one can never miss the Trans America building/tower. A pyramid hated at first, now embraced as uniquely ‘San Francisco’.

‘Wave that freak flag hign’ was one of the slogans of the hippie era.

OK, those days are long gone, but the spirit continues on.

6202AcrossGGBOnce you get there, a great beach, crashing waves on a rocky coast.6229SurfThis time i wanted to concentrate of the crashing waves, and sizzling frothy surf on the sand. If you can call it sand. Much of it is more like a collection of sanded pebbles, no two pebbles alike. Soft underfoot. When the surf rolls up on it and then recedes the sound of the pebbles settling is a marvelously soft rattle.



Waves (and water) make stories… rocks (and landscapes) tell those stories, if you know how to read them.6260StoryRockI don’t know how to read them, not really, but i like being amazed at the seemingly infinite variety. This one has many many layers of grey stuff (clay?) and white stuff (calcium?).

East of the beach is a lagoon, there is a footbridge crossing it, looking over the handrails, i see sparkling reflective highlights off the water, something i never noticed before. Or maybe it just didn’t look like this before.


Looking closer (if something catches your eye look closer, much closer, always), and taking a close up shot, i have to wonder.

Does this look like highlights on water?…. or is it the swirl of a distant galaxy photographed by NASA?


 Next month? Death Valley!

If you don’t put it on your road trip list, put it on your bucket list. An appropriate place to put on a bucket list, isn’t it?