The Holidaze are here again…

Yes, that misspelling above was quite intentional! When i was a kid growing up in Maine, it was magical. As an adult, well, i’ve had some way less than magical Xmas’s. Arguments w/ parents at Xmas eve dinner, presents thrown out into the snow after me and my new wife left very hurredly.

And a second wife who just wanted to spend, spend, spend and my architectural photo clients were putting off paying me until the next year.

Recently though i found a bit of fun in the whole thing. But not what anyone might expect.

The Santa sled was in front of a motel in Baker Ca., i was visiting Death Valley for the holiday. 

DesertClaus SantasSleigh
These lights were strung on a makeshift shack on the beach at Princeton Harbor Ca.


This poor moose was along Rte 247 in Antelope Valley Ca. He is very, very lost, a long way from home.

And you wouldn’t believe how many people do NOT go for a traditional turkey dinner/ sit in front of the fireplace/ watch football on TV. When i was in DV, there was a van full of asian tourists doing a BBQ at Badwater on Xmas day.

And on Xmas day outside Las Vegas, at the highest point in Red Rock Canyon, after a hellacious storm had actually dumped some snow in downtown LV, the parking lot was full, i heard at least 6 different languages being spoken. Most people seemed to stop for a few minutes, take their pictures w/ the stormy skies behind them, and then they moved on.


So if the season finds you doing something unconventional?…. do it, don’t apologize.
 ‘Over and out’ til next year. First stop? Chiricahua in SE AZ.

Oops! Me bad! Me stupid!!

ShellwaveCVR400xI made a big goof on the cover of my ‘California Beach Trip” book – the image on the cover ran off the top of the page! Talk about stupid!

The blurberati were nice enough to pull it off amazon, and let me fix it.

But now in the previews i see, the text below the image isn’t centered, even though in the edit preview, i did everything i could to center it. Is there a ghost in the machine? Hmmm – what do you think? Oh well, next time/next book i won’t use the text boxes, that oughta solve that one.


If you want to see all the pages before you buy: