A break in the usual routine – i am now self publishing my stuff!

This one is not about a ‘road’ trip per se, unless you figure you have to drive a bit to get to the beach, so i guess it qualifies?

After 20+ years of making darkroom photomontage, and not being able to get arrested for it, I am publishing books i make with Blurb, getting them on Amazon.

I recently published a revised version of the ‘California Beach Trip’ images – marvelous and mind-bending B&W darkroom montage images – done almost 20 years ago for a multimedia company that never used them.

On Amazon:





Yes, there are 3 different URL’s, which seem to work differently on various browsers/systems – one of them will work for you, i sure hope!

The preview can’t show all the images, but you can see them at the link below. 


I’ve got one more book, waiting in the wings, which is ‘road trip’ fer sure:




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