Abandoned – part 2

A few people spoke up about the previous ‘abandoned’ post saying they liked it. So here’s a few more, hope you enjoy!

CafeSign071D96-11BWGasStationJTAbandonedCarAbove, an old car – Joshua Tree NP

MailBoxesPatioGrandeSaltonSeaAbove, at the Salton Sea

WagonWeathervaneWindmillFarmLast but not least a darkroom montage image. Two lonely and rather sick palm trees need some help, propped up by 2×4’s. On the other side of the wall, where i suspect someone intended to build a subdivision but it never happened, their compatriots are coming to help them. That’s why I’ve titled this one ‘strength in numbers’.StrengthInNumbers

┬áNext stop – Chircahua in SE Arizona, a spooky place for sure.