It is said that ‘God is in the details’.

Probably most people travel to take in the ‘awe-inspiring view’, the grand image. Half dome in Yosemite for example, or the geysers at Yellowstone. I like those kind of images too, have done a few.


Dante’s View – Death Valley


Key’s View – Joshua Tree NP

NVspaceSomeplace in Nevada, not on any ‘hot list’

But i am also inspired to reach for the camera for some small details, close-ups of things just beneath your feet that you might miss in just a few steps. Here’s the shot that kicked off this thought and this blog post, just a few square feet of desert rock, various colored layers, formed over who-knows-how-long-a-time.


Our planet has gone thru changes much more severe than the current ‘climate change’ thing.

Something like 95+ percent of the species that have ever lived on earth have gone extinct. Incredibly massive changes have taken place, once the land on earth looked like this:


Over eons it broke up, became various continents to become what it is now. All this continental drift caused amazing changes in weather patterns, ocean currents, slow but constant change.

Do some research, it’s not hard to do:

“The volcanic basalt beds of the Deccan were laid down in the massive Deccan Traps eruption, which occurred towards the end of the Cretaceous period between 67 and 66 million years ago. Some paleontologists speculate that this eruption may have accelerated the extinction of the dinosaurs. Layer after layer was formed by the volcanic activity that lasted many thousands of years, and when the volcanoes became extinct, they left a region of highlands with typically vast stretches of flat areas on top like a table.” Since then it’s been eroded to look like this:


Ever been to red rock land in the SW? Same kinda thing going on, massive deposits, millennia of erosion, to become what we see now.


Red Rock Canyon, east of Las Vegas NV

As for the tenacity of life’? … take a look at plants, they find a niche, no matter how small. A shallow indentation that collects what little rain falls is all they need to sink roots, in what appears to be solid rock.


Humans leave their mark in whatever way we can. Sometimes one of us takes on what seems to be a lost cause, and makes a difference:

‘Why a historic highway that united California’s two halves may never reopen to a car.’

Other times?…downright ugly:


There was a saying ’round about all the protest and social turmoil of the late 60’s:

“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”


“This Is Our Country. Let’s Walk It.”

In much of Europe, walking wherever you want is perfectly legal. Not in America.

And you just might find….


027_Pricklypears 116_SandPatterns
Pebbles_2242 RocksTellStories4533 WalkinTheLine

You just might find yourself, somewhere between earth and the moon.