Abandoned – Part 3

Let’s return to a well worn but never worn out theme – ‘abandoned’.

But with a twist to it. These are all darkroom montage images i have done w/ abandoned stuff. I hope they amplify the straight shot of something abandoned, add a new layer of meaning.

Am I veering off into off-topic thoughts here? Perhaps, but that’s what blogs can be about. To quote Leslie Gore (recently departed) ‘it’s my party, and i’ll do what i want to’. Yes, indeed.

All of these are done in a traditional analog darkroom – there ain’t no digital here except for the scan.


Plenty of abandoned motels out there, aren’t there?


An abandoned car at the Wall St. Mill in Joshua Tree NP


At Bombay Beach, along the shores of the Salton Sea.


 You could still sit in this chair, and let your imagination roam.

Flip_Flops_WalkOnReady for a new owner?


No, you don’t have mail.


The next film will definitely be a western..


Welcome to the Prickly Pear Ranch.

If you like the montage work here’s a ton more:


I’ve published a few books, 2 on Amazon:


And 1 on Blurb:


A few good links for ya:



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