The author is a 63 Y.O. traditional B&W photo guy, a former advertising art director, architectural photographer, photo-illustrator… and now a ‘digital imaging’ guy in San Rafael, CA.
My website for photography is: http://www.bobbennettphoto.com

Before i started this blog, i did some research – are there similar blogs out there? There sure are, but why not do another, WTHell….! I can’t hope to eclipse any of the other sites out there, just hope to add a few new things to the discussion.

My Dad gave me the road trip bug many many years ago, back east where I grew up. He owned and managed a Chevy dealership in a small town in Maine, we always had the best and fattest Chevy, and took vacations to ‘who knows where’. I’ve been to so many places in the NE, i can’t even recall all of them – just a few? Nova Scotia, Prince Edward island, the Bay of Fundy, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Lake Champlain (NY state).
And anything and everything in Maine & N.H.

My Dad wasn’t much for maps, he thought he could figure it out just fine, and he always did. We always got there, and we never slept in the car.
Once we went to Canada ( this was in the ’50’s before there were any interstate hiways) and we took the back roads. We managed to drive to Canada without ever passing any customs station! – all of a sudden all the signs were in French, we knew we were there.

I moved to San Francisco from the east coast at the end of ’91, arriving on New Years Day ’92, and every chance I’ve had to do a road trip, I’ve done it.
So I’ll recall some of my trips – California, Oregon, Arizona, Neveda.. include some photos ( I am a long time photographer) and write whatever I can about all of them. Sometimes even a one day trip can be excellent – it doesn’t have to be a week long pedal to the metal thing, just getting away for a day, or checking out a single destination can soothe the soul just as much. I’ve done lots of those, too, with many photos. And they might turn out to be a good destination for your longer road trip.

I will also scour the web for great links!
Welcome to the blog! Hope you enjoy the ride!

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